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 Comprehensive Hero Overview - Tavern 3

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Comprehensive Hero Overview - Tavern 3 Empty
PostSubject: Comprehensive Hero Overview - Tavern 3   Comprehensive Hero Overview - Tavern 3 EmptyTue Mar 10, 2009 9:26 pm

Tavern 3

Yurnero - The Juggernaut

"Q" - Blade Fury
"W" - Bloodlust
"E" - Martial Arts
"R" - Whirlwind

Notes: A great Hero Killer, with decent $ from creeping. Martial Arts is one great skill.

Groom - The Hellscreen

"Q" - Wind Walk
"W" - Lightning Shield
"E" - Slow Poison
"R" - Whirlwind

Notes: Lighning shield and Burning Shield make for some great creeping at any melee camp.

Jubei - The Chaos Master

"Q" - Impale
"W" - Wind Walk
"E" - Endurance Aura
"R" - Dooming Roots

Notes: Arguably the most harassing hero in the game. FAST movespeed with ww and durance AND 2 disables. Not the best $ out there.

Pudge - The Butcher

"Q" - Devour
"W" - Disease
"E" - Hardened Skin
"R" - Shadow of Death

Notes: Top 5 material here, can creep darn near anywhere and FAST!

Aggron Stonebreaker - The Ogre Magi

"Q" - Magic Punch
"W" - Magic Stomp
"E" - Summon Dead Archers
"R" - Magic Mirror

Notes: The David Copperfield of Angel Arena! Magic man! He's a keeper.

Golemn - The Earth Elemental

"Q" - Magic Punch
"W" - Howl of Terror
"E" - Volcano
"R" - Rolling Stones

Notes: Good all around hero. Volcano is a very harassing skill!

Muradin - The Mountain King

"Q" - Magic Punch
"W" - Thunderclap
"E" - Critical Jump
"R" - Fountain of Destruction

Notes: One of the more unique heroes in all of WC3! Crit jump and Fountain are way fun! Not the best $ out there.

Gar Doomfire - The Renegade

"Q" - Death Coil
"W" - Unholy Frenzy
"E" - Implosion
"R" - Deminsional Hole

Notes: So this is one I haven't tried out, but first impression is good.

Pugna - The Oblivion

"Q" - Thunder Stomp
"W" - Cripple
"E" - Summon Dead Warriors
"R" - Indignation

Notes: Cripple is awesome. Lvl 9 = free hero kill when used properly. Good $!

Kael - The Mage of Fire

"Q" - Sould Burn
"W" - Wizard Fire
"E" - Incinerate
"R" - Hell's Fire

Notes: Soul Burn WILL get you kills early. The rest are great for creeping and Ult is killer for duels... Maybe even too good.

Lina Inverse - The Slayer

"Q" - Dragon Slave
"W" - Light Strike Array
"E" - Endurance Aura
"R" - Laguna Blade

Notes: Dragon Slave = $, Light Strike Array = $, Endurance = Pwnt, Laguna Blade = 1 hit hero kills... GG

Cotton - The Flying Sheep

"Q" - ?
"W" - ?
"E" - ?
"R" - ?

Notes: A mysterious creature from an unknown territory, possibly with the ability to shut down the game and pwn!
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Comprehensive Hero Overview - Tavern 3
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