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 Comprehensive Hero Overview - Tavern 4

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PostSubject: Comprehensive Hero Overview - Tavern 4   Tue Mar 10, 2009 9:26 pm

Tavern 4

Rylai Crestfall - The Crystal Maiden

"Q" - Frost Bolt
"W" - Ice Rain
"E" - Ice Attack
"R" - Polar Ice

Notes: Stack some intel on this baby, and the other team has some problems!

Deathbringer - The Venomancer

"Q" - Immobilize
"W" - Serpant Ward
"E" - Corrosive Aura
"R" - Death Poison

Notes: My advice - Creep and Creep some more. This is a great hero, but if you're up against Ulfsaar, say your prayers.

Sasquatch - The Ice Legend

"Q" - Blizzard
"W" - Frost Sphere
"E" - Critical Strike
"R" - Tidal Fury

Notes: Cast blizzard one time, and you'll see why this guy is one of the top heroes.

Behemmoth - The Giant Monster

"Q" - Storm
"W" - Regem*
"E" - Tempest Aura
"R" - Eartquake*

Notes: This guys aura will definately slow you down! Storm is good, but it's not a blizzard. Cool hero nonetheless.

Nerub'Seran - The Nerubian Weaver

"Q" - Flame Strike
"W" - Web Shot
"E" - World Web
"R" - Poison Bite

Notes: Haven't been this one yet, flame strike is $ though.

Ish'kafel - The Darkseer

"Q" - Wind Walk
"W" - Fang Blades
"E" - Cyclone
"R" - Death Touch

Notes: Have always repicked, no AOE.

Anub'arak - The Nerubian Assassin

"Q" - Impale
"W" - Nerubian Beatles
"E" - Counter
"R" - Crypt Power

Notes: Beatles are $$. This guy can creep most places very fast.

Rexxar - The Beastmaster

"Q" - Massive Roots
"W" - Devine Shield
"E" - Summon Dead Warriors
"R" - Mystric Net

Notes: A so so hero, only because his only creeping method would be his summons. Decent Dueler.

Rikimaru - The Stealth Assassin

"Q" - Parasite
"W" - Help Friend
"E" - Envenomed Weapons
"R" - Blade Slash

Notes: That blade slash can get annoying, but you have to work overtime to keep up with the other heroes while creeping with Riki.

Akasha - The Queen of Pain

"Q" - Nightmare
"W" - Disease Cloud
"E" - Summon Dead Warriors
"R" - Finger of Death

Notes: Disease clod and summons fair will for $. Finger is great for early/mid game, but does little to the one with Overgod's.

Miko - The Clerig

"Q" - Blizzard
"W" - God's Prey
"E" - Siphon Mana
"R" - Starfall

Notes: Don't let looks deceive you, this is top 5 material.

Hydra - The Lernaean Hydra

"Q" - Acid Bomb
"W" - Hydra's Curse
"E" - Summon Dead Warriors
"R" - Giant Frost Wave

Notes: Acid bomb is great for reducing the armor of an enemy! GREAT $, this hero gets low on mana easily, as most with summons do.
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PostSubject: Re: Comprehensive Hero Overview - Tavern 4   Wed Mar 11, 2009 4:59 pm

Sasquatch - The Ice Legend

"Q" - Blizzard
"W" - Frost Sphere
"E" - Critical Strike
"R" - Tidal Fury


Blizzard should be nerfed, it is best area attack with 20 waves dealing 920 damage each. It lasts way too long.
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Comprehensive Hero Overview - Tavern 4
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