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 Comprehensive Hero Overview - Tavern 5

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Comprehensive Hero Overview - Tavern 5 Empty
PostSubject: Comprehensive Hero Overview - Tavern 5   Comprehensive Hero Overview - Tavern 5 EmptyTue Mar 10, 2009 9:27 pm

Tavern 5

Balanar - The Night Stalker

"Q" - Carrion Swarm
"W" - Sleep
"E" - Summon Dead Archers
"R" - Vampire Regen

Notes: Can't go wrong with a summon, an AoE, and a disable. This is an all around good hero.

Crixalis - The Sand King

"Q" - Shadow Strike
"W" - Push
"E" - Hardened Skin
"R" - Giga Poison

Notes: This is venomancer from DOTA without serpant wards, repick. Although, ss is great hero killer especially with poison.

Luna Moonfang - The Moonrider

"Q" - Boomerang
"W" - Giant Glaves
"E" - Endurance Aura
"R" - Moon Glaive

Notes: #2 Hero in the game, and a very close #2. 2 Nukes, the best aura, and basically MULTISHOT as a skill. GG!

Gryphon - The Rider

"Q" - Forked Lightning
"W" - Cripple
"E" - Summon Dead Warriors
"R" - Enrage

Notes: Top 5 Material here. Great creeping, and the cripple, lightning, warrior, enrage makes for some flawless hero killing.

Archimonde - The Warlock

"Q" - Icewall
"W" - Dreamworld
"E" - Electric Shield
"R" - Death Rain

Notes: I admit, I've never been this hero. No comments, will update. Looks FUN on paper.

Rotund'Jere - The Necrolyte

"Q" - Carrion Swarm
"W" - Death Coil
"E" - Death Attack
"R" - Immolation* (This is Actually Life Conversion)

Notes: Good $, when not harassed. Carrion away!

Dirge - The Undying

"Q" - Animate Dead
"W" - Howl of Terror
"E" - Thorns Aura
"R" - Summon Dead

Notes: Not the greatest in the early stages, but stick it out with this guy, and you may be able to get a fast god hero.

Azgalor - The Pit Lord

"Q" - Rot
"W" - Cleave
"E" - Critical Strike
"R" - Essence of Death

Notes: Don't be fooled, cleave is one of the best skills in the game! Grab a Holy Warfare, an overgods, and go take anything on the map.

Lucifer - The Doom Bringer

"Q" - Hellfire
"W" - Wizard Fire
"E" - Summon Magma Beast
"R" - Enrage

Notes: Top 5 Material Here, good luck against this fool...

Raigor Stonehoof - The Earthshaker

"Q" - War Stomp
"W" - Tauren Fury
"E" - Pulverize
"R" - Earthquake

Notes: Abuse the heck out of pulverize with your fury skill, and it wouldn't hurt to spam earthquake (look at cd times!)

Darkterror - The Faceless Void

"Q" - Entangling Roots
"W" - Lightning Shield
"E" - Summon Magma Beasts
"R" - Soul Drain

Notes: Gonna have to use lightning shield with burning shield to have a chance!

Gargoyle - The Living Stone

"Q" - Cyclone
"W" - Lightning Shield
"E" - Dark Energy
"R" - Flying Demons

Notes: I've never seen so many summons... really.
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Comprehensive Hero Overview - Tavern 5
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