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 Comprehensive Hero Overview - Tavern 6

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Comprehensive Hero Overview - Tavern 6 Empty
PostSubject: Comprehensive Hero Overview - Tavern 6   Comprehensive Hero Overview - Tavern 6 EmptyTue Mar 10, 2009 9:27 pm

Tavern 6

Slithice - The Naga Siren

"Q" - Chain Lightning
"W" - Serpant Ward
"E" - Crush
"R" - Nether Ritual

Notes: One of my favorites. Not the best $, but good. Serpants all over the place LOL!

Armageddon - The Steel

"Q" - Magic Punch
"W" - Terror Stomp
"E" - Hardened Skin
"R" - Anti Magic Shell

Notes: Want to use your magic on this guy? TOO BAD! LOL Nearly top 5 material.

Boush - The Tinker

"Q" - Healing Spray
"W" - Place Mine
"E" - Robo Goblin
"R" - Cluster Rockets

Notes: Robo Goblin form is a real beast! Good Luck Killing Tinker!

Mogul Kahn - The Axe

"Q" - Wind Walk
"W" - Howl of Terror
"E" - Martial Arts
"R" - Knocking Spin

Notes: If there are non mega farmers on the other team, this is the guy to have, otherwise repick.

Bolt - The Eatman

"Q" - Reign of Fire
"W" - Poison
"E" - Thorns Aura
"R" - Long Poison

Notes: Not bad, not top 5, reign of fire = $$.

Mangix - The Pandaren Battlemaster

"Q" - Breath of Fire
"W" - Drunken Haze
"E" - Martial Arts
"R" - Panda Hook

Notes: Hook, Haze, Fire, chase, kill. Breath of fire = some $, not the greatest though.

Magroth - The Rock Smasher

"Q" - Magic Punch
"W" - Hammer Blow
"E" - Critical Strike
"R" - Enrage

Notes: Hammer Blow is a unique and fun skill, that offers some AOE. Cool Hero.

Gondar - The Bounty Hunter

"Q" - Animate Dead
"W" - Meteor
"E" - Frost Waves
"R" - Finger of Death

Notes: Haven't been this one either. Thats about 4 that I need to try Smile Looks fun.

Saber - The Noble King Arthur

"Q" - Twister
"W" - Excaliburn
"E" - Inner Fire
"R" - Avalon

Notes: I like this hero, large AOE, Inner Fire's great, and Avalon's better!

Monkey D. Luffy - The Mugiwara

"Q" - Gomu Gomu No Bazooka
"W" - Gomu Gomu No Gatling
"E" - Haoushoku No Haki
"R" -

Notes: This guy is pretty much top 5 with 2 AOE's and a cool ulti that in his form regens quite fast as well as other bonuses.

Uzumaki Naruto - Kyuubi Jinchuuriki

"Q" - Tajuu Kage Bushin no Jutsu
"W" - Fuuma Rashen Shuriken
"E" - Erimita Training
"R" - Kyuubi's Cloak

Notes: Haven't been this one yet.

Kurosaki Ichigo - the Shinigami Daiko

"Q" - Shunpo
"W" - Getsuga Tenshou
"E" - Evasion
"R" - Bankai

Notes: Haven't been this one either!
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Comprehensive Hero Overview - Tavern 6
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