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 Angel Arena Allstars 1.67 Change Log.(Preview)

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Angel Arena Allstars 1.67 Change Log.(Preview) Empty
PostSubject: Angel Arena Allstars 1.67 Change Log.(Preview)   Angel Arena Allstars 1.67 Change Log.(Preview) EmptyFri Mar 20, 2009 4:50 pm

I will try post here what i change in next version.

Dimension Shield/Overgod's Armor Invulnerability change From 10 to 6 seconds.
Chaos Ultimate Changed(now create a 1,2,3 illusions with full attack/defend for 20 seconds, 90 sec cooldown)
Fix Bug in Panda Ultimate
Change range of Venomancer from 600 to 400
Add 3 new hero's history.
Fix some bugs in Game End.(Cinematic)
Nerf Merlin Ultimate from 10,20,30 to 5,10,15 times hero int.
Fix lag in Nova Stone(Horo 2° abilit)
Base effect now don't block heros.
Changed Special Merchant Area.
4 New Creeps in new area(Dragons and shade)

Furion (2 New spells)
Rickmaru(New spells icon)
Sand King(New Spells Icon and Frameworks)
Princess of the Moon(New 2° Spell)
Sentry (2 New spells)
Dragon Knight(2 New Spells)
Jakiro (3 New spells)
Dragonspawn (3 New spells)

I got sick because it i don't changed many things on map,
my medicine make me sleep 16 hours/day =/

Angel Arena Allstars 1.67 Change Log.(Preview) 2poxy1f
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Angel Arena Allstars 1.67 Change Log.(Preview)
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