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 Release 1.67!!!

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PostSubject: Release 1.67!!!   Fri Apr 03, 2009 11:03 am

2 Weeks of work on it and soo many new things.Laughing
Angel Arena Allstars 1.67
Download in Epicwar

Download in The Hive Workshop

Links for older versions at the bottom.

Change Log:
Add -r or -respawn option(change creeps respawn delay, can be between 1 to 60, default is 20 seconds)
Add cheats to Single Player(like -tele, -lvl, -str, -agi, -int, -gold, -lumber, -exp, -nocd)(Cheats can bug sometimes)
Fix spells framework(Ieti's Frost Sphere, Goku's Genki Dama, Jaina's Polar, Renegade's Black Hole)
Dimension Shield/Overgod's Armor Invulnerability change From 10 to 6 seconds.
Chaos Ultimate Changed(now create a 1,2,3 illusions with full attack/defend for 20 seconds, 90 sec cooldown)
Now Single Player can change hero forever(don't block -repick to test heroes.)
Fix Bug in Panda Ultimate
Change range of Venomancer from 600 to 400
Add 3 new hero's history.
Fix some bugs in Game End.(Cinematic)
Nerf Merlin Ultimate from 10,20,30 to 5,10,15 times hero int.
Fix lag in Stone Nova(Horo 2° abilit)
Base effect now don't block heroes.
Changed Special Merchant Area.
4 New Creeps in new area(Dragons and shade)
Fixed soo many bugs and leaks.

Furion(2 New spells)
Rickmaru(New spells icon)
Doom Bridger(New ultimate)
Sand King(New Spells Icon and Frameworks)
Princess of the Moon(1 New Spell)
Jakiro, the Twin Headed dragon(3 New spells)
Miko, the Cleric(New ultimate)
Ufarr, the Ursa warrior(4 New spells)
Sentry, the Watcher (4 New spells)
Terrorblade, the Dragon Spawn (2 New spells)
Knight Davion, the Dragon Knight(2 New spells)
Demeter, the God of Nature(3 New spells)
Horo, the God of Wild(2 New spells, and fixed lag)
Yunero, the Juggernaut(1 New ability)
Dirge, the Undying(4 New abilities)
Groom, the Hellscreen(4 New spells)
Thanatos, the God of Down(1 New ability)
Gargoyle, the Living Stone(2 New spells)
Pandarem, the Battlemaster(New ultimate, fix bugs)
Changes Goku Genki's Dama(New framework, is better now XD)
Changed Jaina Ultimate(Now it freezes nearby enemies for some seconds)

Older versions:


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Release 1.67!!!
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