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PostSubject: 1.68   Mon Apr 20, 2009 4:42 am

1.68 has been released!!!
Links for older versions at the bottom.

Change Log:
Changed Hero's Max lvl to 40
Now Stats bonus give 10 to all stats each lvl
More hard to lvl up(lvl 40 is same of old lvl 100)
Now abilities requirement lvl changed from 4 to 2(can buff one ability)
If hero's don't get runes they are removed in 90 seconds.
Removed Hydra's Platinum
Fix some bugs in abilities descriptions
Increased Dragon(creeps) Bounty
Decreased New creeps armor.
Decreased Fenrir's Bounty(25 to 20)
Now show commands in load screen.
All runes have different colors.
Add new hero's Descriptions.
Changed heroes Taverns(Agi/Int/Str)
Added Hotkeys to all heroes(Q,W,E,R)
All heroes have unique abilities.
Fix so many leaks.

Heroes Changed:
Gabriel(3 new abilities)
Abigor(3 new abilities)
Hydra(1 new ability)
Rock Smasher(4 new abilities)
Dragon Knight(Fix 3° ability)
Pit Lord(1 new ability)
Void(1 New ability)
Dreadlord(1 New ability)
Axe(4 New abilities)
Holy Knight(1 new ability)
Hecate(2 New abilities)
Rexxar(4 New abilities)
Gilgamesh( 2 New Abilities)

Older versions:

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