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PostSubject: 1.68c!   Wed May 06, 2009 8:43 pm

Angel Arena Allstars 1.68c
Links for older versions at the bottom.

Change Log 1.68c
Add colors to item names.
Fix some descriptions.
Now -cam work with mouse scroll.
Now can use -r 0, -cam 0, -cam 100
Add more creeps(Now have over 600 creeps)
Fix the Gamble and Risk, now can't drop fusion items.
Fix many leaks at mode -ev.(Eclipse)
Increased bounty of Demon Overlord and Warlock
Increased HP of Gates (to Ice and Semi-gods).
Decreased Font HP regen(From 10% to 6%)
Small change at team 2 respawn.
Fix bugs in fusion of some items.
Changed value of ultimate items.
Add more environments.

Fix lag in Jakiro 2° Spell
Fix lag in Chaos 2° ability
Fix bugs in Morphling 4° Ability
Remove Kage Bushin from Flying Sheep
Nerf Trent Pulverize
Buff Apollo 2° Skill
Nerf Artropos 2° ability
Nerf Nerubian Flame Strike
Buff sentry 3° ability, and some bugs fix.
Now Chaos 2° ability is based on his STR and don't lag.
Nerf Merlin(increased Frost Nova Cooldown)
Nerf Void 3° ability damage, Remove Cooldown, increased mana cost.
Hellscreen 2° skill now deals damage based on hero's Agi and stun enemies, don't knock.

Older versions:

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