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 Release Angel Arena Allstars 1.69

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PostSubject: Release Angel Arena Allstars 1.69   Fri May 08, 2009 1:04 am

Release Angel Arena Allstars 1.69d
Download Here

I tried here but all versions load in 12 seconds, i think the 1.69 load faster than others but i don't know how much. Can someone test the optimization of this version?

Links for older versions at the bottom.

Changes 1.69c-1.69d

Fix Fatal Errors
Fix ending cinematic
Fix bugs in -switch
Fix Bug when repick (invulnerable)
Fix some wrong descriptions
Add protection to -d and -kick(don't crash game if use colors)
Now auto-kick to afk players after 5 min of game.
Now can switch with red and green(but red and green can't use switch)
Removed some useless creeps
Buff Warlock Staff
New loadings screen(again)
Level Req to Chaos now is 50.
Fix Warlock 4° Ability(Lasts 8 seconds now)
Nerf Naga 4° Ability(Increased cooldown from 20 to 30 seconds.)

I think the New Preview/Load is the better part on this new version, thank to Dust for it.

1.69b - 1.69cChange Log:
Add -switch
Add -d (Select Next Duels).
Add AI to computers.
Add Effect to Selene.
Add Effect to Helios.
Change Boss Bounty to STR.
Change Max Level to 50.
Changes in some creeps.
Fix some bugs on duel.
Fix ending cinematic.
New Loading Screen(by Plex0r)
New Preview Screen(by Plex0r)
Changed abilities terrain deformation effects.
Changed Jainas's Abilities(Better balance)
Changed Apollo 2° ability(Meteor)
Buff Apollo 4° ability(Increased range, damage, stun and cooldown)

1.69Change Log:
Heavy optimization(only load picked hero's spells).
Fix -sh mode(All players get the same hero of player 1 red).
Fix -ar mode(now don't spawn heroes of same type).
Fix -repick to only one time per player.
Fix some duel bugs.
Fix lots of descriptions.
Shadow quest now is one time per hero.
Improved all random start function.
Improved end cinematic.
Changed Multiboard descriptions.
Now if player red skip end cinematic finish game for all players.
Now show hero's icon in multiboard.
Now show creeps respawn delay in multiboard.
Now can change hero only one time(normal to semi-god/god).
Now every 5 mins show a table with "Players' Score".
Add command -score (show all players score).
Add command -ang # (angle 0-360 to set camera angle).
Cheats now automatic active if is Single Player.
Modified Loadscreen.
Otimized map size(100kb lol)

Add Venomancer's Description
Add cooldown of 0.5 sec to auto-cast skills of Artropos, Renegade and Void.
Buff Ichigo Getsuga Tenshow(increased damage and range)
Nerf Saber Excalibur(increased cooldown)
Nerf PofM Fire Arrow(Increased cooldown)
Changed Goku's KameHameHa(New framework and now damage is based on STR)
Changed Goku's Kaioken(Remake, and add framework)
Remake Flying Sheep

Older versions:


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Release Angel Arena Allstars 1.69
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