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 Angel Arena Allstars 1.69e (fix to war3 1.24)

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PostSubject: Angel Arena Allstars 1.69e (fix to war3 1.24)   Thu Aug 13, 2009 10:12 pm

NEW VERSION: 1.69e please read completely

Fix of Angel 1.69d to run on wc3 1.24.

Fix some bugs.
Updated damage system, now it show the true damage dealt by each ability.

Naisha 1° Ability
Sasquach 2° Ability
Naga 2° Abilit(Increase cooldown)
Renegade 3° Ability
Jakiro 3° Abilit(Decrease damage)
Naga 3° Ability
Muradim 3° Ability
Rickmaru Ultimate
Lanaya Ultimate
Cratos Ultimate
Pudge Ultimate
Axe Ultimate

Click Here


PLEASE SEE: About the newest version and 1.24 patch
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Angel Arena Allstars 1.69e (fix to war3 1.24)
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