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 Bug with duels

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Bug with duels Empty
PostSubject: Bug with duels   Bug with duels EmptyFri Aug 14, 2009 5:34 pm

Ok so I've played 1.69e today and three things happened in my game concerning the duels.

First, the -d # command isn't working properly. It always says that the correct hero will fight next duel but when you get to that duel it randomly select a hero and make it fight the duel.

Second, I've seen one of my friend fight for the duel and win, but as the duel ends his opponent was sent back to where he was (as usual) and he stayed there and got stuck in the duel arena until next duel. This haven't happened every duel, but it happened once which means it could be happening again and could need a fix.

Third, after the countdown before the duel start, one of the heroes (which was Horo when it happened) stayed invulnerable which gave no chance to his opponent to do anything meaning a free lives lost because of that bug.

So that's what I've seen today. They are minor things, but still need to be looked upon.

Thanks for your hard work
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Bug with duels
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