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PostSubject: Suggestions   Suggestions EmptyMon Jul 19, 2010 10:14 pm

I think Angel Arena should add more characters, and also change the characters and their skills. Many heroes -about 4 I know of right now- are op starter heroes. Terrorblade, Dark Seer, Beast Master, they say Priestess is too need to have revised skills. The game cannot be played that effectively unless all heroes are around equally powered. Also, for Saber, I think you should add the skills that the Fate Another II Saber has, Excalibur is just a normal wave. You should also add new heroes, anime heroes at that -I'm sure a lot of Warcraft players and AAA players are anime fans- that are popular. F/S Night, Tsukihime characters for example.

You should also rid of the cheat code that many players know of -I won't post it here because I do not want people that are unaware of it to know of it-
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