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 Comprehensive Hero Overview - Tavern 1

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Comprehensive Hero Overview - Tavern 1 Empty
PostSubject: Comprehensive Hero Overview - Tavern 1   Comprehensive Hero Overview - Tavern 1 EmptyTue Mar 10, 2009 9:25 pm

This is a work in progress. I did all this in a couple hours so bear with me on any mistakes.


$ = Money maker (from creep kills)

cd = A spell's cooldown time.

Things to be added -
- Melee or Range Hero
- Agility, Strength, or Intelligence Hero
- Pictures of the Heroes
- Skill Speceifics like damage, damage reduction, amount of time the spell lasts, etc...

If anyone wants to help me edit this, I will send you the file to do your edits, and then I'll edit my post.

Thanks for looking!

Tavern 1

Infernal - The Fire Elemental

"Q" - Fire Bolt
"W" - Fire Storm
"E" - Summon Magma Beast
"R" - Fire Twister (Does not Stack with Burning Shield)

Notes: Fire Storm is non-channeling. One of the best $.

Magina - The Anti-Mage

"Q" - Shadow Strike
"W" - Burning Steps
"E" - Magic Resistance
"R" - Metamorphosis

Notes: Burning Steps + Meta are the moneymakers.

Sentry - The Wild Rider

"Q" - Shadow Strike
"W" - Wind Walk
"E" - Evasion
"R" - Enrage

Notes: No chance to farm. This is an auto-repick hero.

Traxxex - The Drow Ranger

"Q" - Dark Shoot
"W" - Dark Deminsion
"E" - Searing Arrows
"R" - Multi Shoot

Notes: Multi Shoot's cd is low, good $.

Mirana Nightshade - Priestess of the Moon

"Q" - Fire Arrow
"W" - Mirror Image
"E" - Mana Shield
"R" - Starfall

Notes: Decent $. Mirror's always good for a duel or two.

Alleria - The Windrunner

"Q" - Spectral Arrow
"W" - Hex
"E" - Trueshot
"R" - Nature Help (Owls)

Notes: Spectral is an AOE shot (lvl1 = 250 Damage) with no cooldown.

Jakiro - The Twin Headed Dragon

"Q" - Parasite
"W" - Monsoon Storm
"E" - Summon Dead Warriors
"R" - Doom Fire

Notes: 2 Forms of summon, two AOE. Great $.

Atropos - The Bane Elemental

"Q" - Wind Walk
"W" - Mirror Image
"E" - Evasion
"R" - Annihilation

Notes: No chance to farm. This is an auto repick hero.

Morphling - The Sea Elemental

"Q" - Forst Nova
"W" - Frost Armor
"E" - Summon Dead Warriors
"R" - Fulmination

Notes: Decent $ with summons. Frost armor is always cool. Cool Ulti.

Lanaya - The Templar Assassin

"Q" - Sould Burn
"W" - Forst Bolt
"E" - Wizard Shield
"R" - Thunderportation

Notes: Ulti only good farming skill, good hero ganker.

Sven - The Rogueknight

"Q" - Acid Bomb
"W" - Mirror Image
"E" - Death Aura
"R" - Fire Twister (Does not stack with Burning Shield)

Notes: Lots of -armor watch out for this guy.

Furion - The Prophet

"Q" - Nature Lightning
"W" - Hex
"E" - Thorns Aura
"R" - Nature Regen

Notes: Although this fella has an AOE, disable, good aura, and self regen, he doesn't fair well against the hero killers, or the other great creepers. Good $.
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Comprehensive Hero Overview - Tavern 1
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